Headshots for Actors

I’m always refining my work to keep my headshots current with the trends, accurate and artful, and most importantly, affordable. I want your agents to be happy with your shots. I want your professors and mentors to be happy with your shots. I want casting directors to be happy with YOU when you walk in the room and hand them a photo that truly looks like you NOW. But mostly importantly, you must be happy. Why? Happy actors are confident actors. Confident actors give good auditions, get more roles, and make better art…and in the end, I think the world’s all a little happier for that.
— ClintonB

How I shoot

Someone once said that headshots are the only part of an actor’s career that they can truly control. I get that. As an actor, I know how frustrating it can be to send out a photo that you just know isn’t quite right. It is my job, goal, and passion as your photographer, to collaborate with you during our session to make sure we have many options for different markets. I don’t like to rush. I like to take our time as we shoot and talk throughout our session. We’ll take breaks from time to time to look at what we are capturing. By the end of our shoot, we’ll have four looks that play into your strengths as an actor and WILL get you noticed.

Where I shoot

I’m super flexible. My locations are expanding and growing with every session. Most often, I shoot outdoors in the natural light, but I have a studio setup as well. I can come to you, you can come to me or we can just meet wherever we decide we want to shoot. We’ll do a bit of walking and maybe short driving to find unique locations for your shots.

How much?

Rates and packages can be found right here.