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Clinton Brandhagen is not only an incredible photographer, but a kind person who cares about his work. He's got a brilliant eye for light/color, makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, and won't end a session until you're both sure you have the perfect shot.

-Yael H.

Clinton - Once again fantastic job on Craig G.'s headshots. 100% improvement for him. Casting just brought him in yesterday for a recurring Guest Star. I've always said good headshots have a quick ROI; we are already seeing a return on the investment. Thank you!

Kimberly J. | Talent Manager

Hi Clinton!! I am so pleased and still giddy from our shoot last week. Thank you so much for everything! I took two of the shots to the NY casting directors/Agents that next day and you were right! They loved the curly look for New York! One agent said to use the straight look for my DC industrial work. You called it! I have a meeting with one of those agents for national commercials on February 4th already!

-Natalie Tucker

Clint, I can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into my headshot session! First of all the amount of time you spent making sure we had the perfect shot in terms of background, lighting, outfit, hair, etc. was above and beyond! Then the fact that you put me at ease throughout the process and kept me in the loop, showing me the shots as you took them to ensure we were getting the looks we needed, was amazing! But the biggest takeaway from our session is the energy you created within this 2-dimensional medium. Those who know me well know I’ve been trying to get a headshot that captures my personality and spirit, as well as my look, for so long that I’d almost given up! But you took the time to talk with me, get to know me and find out what I needed from the shoot that you were able to bring out my essence, my personality, my whole vibe as well as make me look darn good! Ha! Ha!! The one thing that was always missing from my previous headshots was my inner energy, unique to me, and your shots really put that out there! I am sooooo grateful and so excited to start using these pictures and give people an insight into who I am before I even walk through the door! I am beyond happy, I am ecstatic with the results of our work together! Thanks again for a fantastic session! I am so grateful for the experience - you’re awesome!
— Dana D.

Thanks again so much for Saturday!! The kids had a blast and we have so many pictures to pick from. By far their best set of head shots ever 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Too many good ones. My sister is a producer/writer/comedian in LA. She posted their head shots on her Facebook page. A friend of hers works for a big casting director. They reached out to her to contact Madelyn and Jakes manager for a meeting ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Thank you!!!
— Jen S.


It is extremely difficult to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and many dread having their headshots taken. But when working with Clint, it’s a completely different experience. In addition to taking phenomenal pictures, Clint has a very unique and amazing talent for helping his subjects feel at ease and relaxed. As a result, the photos are amazing and truly capture your best self. He is a true gem in a market littered with fakes. Clint is professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. He keeps projects on time and on budget, and I highly recommend him.

-Kathy O’Brien, Senior Vice President, Jaffe PR

Just looking through all of the shots we got yesterday and I have to say, such a great shoot! I can’t think of any ‘type’ that we didn’t get with all of the looks. I seriously have enough material here to last years. Such a great value for the price.

Not only do these clearly meet the industry standard with a focus on getting you in the room, there is such an originality with your aesthetic that is hard to put it into words. I think it is a mysterious combination of your mastery of ‘painting’ with the location, the sharpness, the ‘Hollywood lighting’, and the atmosphere of ease that you bring to the shoot. Honestly, I think you were more hyped about the gems we were getting than I was at the time! (But I think I have you beat now after seeing it all today lol)

Best part is, these shots are MINE in the sense that it’s not just my face plastered on a generic ‘style’ that I find, unfortunately, a lot of photographers produce. They are uniquely original to my essence which made all the difference.
— Brett B.

He has a way of very naturally bringing you into the collaborative process between actor and photographer that creates the mix of relaxation and energy necessary to produce a great headshot. The expertise it takes to shoot in available outdoor light while spotting the perfect backgrounds to compliment rather than distract from the subject are impressive enough. Even more impressive is how Clint makes it all seem effortless, keeping the focus on you, the actor, putting you so much at ease you feel almost like you’re just hanging out with a friend who just happened to bring along a bunch of state of the art camera gear. I wish there was a sixth star option because Clint has earned it.
— John J.

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