Happy People

It was an absolute pleasure working with Clint on our shoot and I cannot recommend working with him enough. He kept everything relaxed and comfortable throughout the shoot but also showed up ready to work. He knew exactly how to frame a shot to highlight me at my best while simultaneously creating depth and variety in every shot. I am incredibly happy with the results of the shoot and highly recommend him to anyone in need of an A+ photographer.

-Brian H.

I'd been a fan of Clint's work for a long time and having finally done a shoot with him has only increased my admiration. He has a way of very naturally bringing you into the collaborative process between actor and photographer that creates the mix of relaxation and energy necessary to produce a great headshot. The expertise it takes to shoot in available outdoor light while spotting the perfect backgrounds to compliment rather than distract from the subject are impressive enough. Even more impressive is how Clint makes it all seem effortless, keeping the focus on you, the actor, putting you so much at ease you feel almost like you're just hanging out with a friend who just happened to bring along a bunch of state of the art camera gear. I wish there was a sixth star option because Clint has earned it. Highly recommended.

-John J.

Just looking through all of the shots we got yesterday and I have to say, such a great shoot! I can't think of any 'type' that we didn't get with all of the looks. I seriously have enough material here to last years. Such a great value for the price.

Not only do these clearly meet the industry standard with a focus on getting you in the room, there is such an originality with your aesthetic that is hard to put it into words. I think it is a mysterious combination of your mastery of 'painting' with the location, the sharpness, the 'Hollywood lighting', and the atmosphere of ease that you bring to the shoot. Honestly, I think you were more hyped about the gems we were getting than I was at the time! (But I think I have you beat now after seeing it all today lol)

Best part is, these shots are MINE in the sense that it's not just my face plastered on a generic 'style' that I find, unfortunately, a lot of photographers produce. They are uniquely original to my essence which made all the difference.

-Brett B.

Clint has taken my last two sets of headshots, and they were fabulous. He has an easy demeanor, but an exacting eye, which results in beautiful REAL shots. Casting directors, fellow actors and friends have all commented to me repeatedly that my shots look like me at my best. What better response to my pix could I hope for? I will never have any other photographer take my headshots. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

-Steven C.

Clint did a great job producing my profile picture. Before he starting shooting, he took the time to really understand what I wanted and at every step of the way helped create that image. He's very talented at coaching people through the process of taking photos, and he's a total pro on the back end as well - selecting options, retouching images, etc. I'm really glad I chose Clint to do this work and I'm very pleased with the result.

-Alex M.

A wonderful first experience for me! Clinton truly dedicates his time to helping you get your best and most marketable headshot.

-Eirin S.

What do i think about ClintonBPhotography? I think this guy has it all figured out. He's a master of his craft, HEADSHOTS. Its a particular skill. Many claim to be able to take headshots and they do BUT do their photos standout in a pile of 500 headshots? Clintons most certainly do. You cant cut corners with a headshot and Clinton never does. He's always making adjustments. Searching for the best light. the best backdrop. the best photo..

(snaps a photo and looks at it on his camera) "Ah needs less exposure" (hits a few buttons) "Alright. Try holding your hands like this. it makes your shoulders look better. yea. okay tilt your head. chin down. cheat to the light. more. more. more. good there. warm it up. NICE! yea yea! head tilt." (after taking like 30 photos he looks at them on his camera) "O! Man! Look at this!" (shows me the camera with a 10 star photo on the viewer. I literally scream) "Dang! wow Clinton! Nice! o im definitely using that one!"

This is the dialogue everytime. Him coaching himself AND me, and then me screaming in excitement 4 minutes later.

Do this about 30 times with different hair, clothes, backdrops, locations, etc and thats a session. He's quick but takes his time. He's professional and relaxed. He's your colleague AND your friend. He's consistent AND he tries new things. I mean the guy is literally the best. And he does free retouching! I mean not on every photo (he literally gives you over 500 photos) but if you pick 2 that you know youre going to use, he'll retouch for free!

I took this class once and this lady pulled out her headshot to show the class and everyone was like "DANG! Who took that photo?". Even the CD who was teaching was like "yea, thats gonna get you called in everytime". Im so thankful that lady showed us her headshot. Theres such comfort in knowing im always going to have a top photo in those CD piles of hundreds. Ive been using Clinton ever since that class and ill use him until he stops. Theres just no need to search else where. It literally gets better every session. Am i booking consistenly? Not YET, BUT i get called in ALL THE TIME! ok, im stopping now. i said my piece

-Dan T.

Clinton! I sent in my headshots on Tuesday for a commercial, was asked to video audition that same day, and that night got an email that said I got the part! Thanks for hooking me up with the most amazing headshots ever!

-Don A.

Just wanted to let you know that Ian shot an industrial today—it was the first submission with his new headshot and he booked it!  One of the other actors on the shoot also uses you for his headshots.  It’s a small world! 

-Susan M.

Thanks again so much for Saturday!! The kids had a blast and we have so many pictures to pick from. By far their best set of head shots ever 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Too many good ones. My sister is a producer/writer/comedian in LA. She posted their head shots on her Facebook page. A friend of hers works for a big casting director. They reached out to her to contact Madelyn and Jakes manager for a meeting ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Thank you!!!

-Jen S.

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful headshot session yesterday.  You were fabulous and fun to work with.  All of us had a great time.  You made the girls feel very relaxed and at ease with the whole process.  The pictures are terrific!!  I am going to have a hard time picking.

-Jen C.

Clint, I can't thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into my headshot session! First of all the amount of time you spent making sure we had the perfect shot in terms of background, lighting, outfit, hair, etc. was above and beyond! Then the fact that you put me at ease throughout the process and kept me in the loop, showing me the shots as you took them to ensure we were getting the looks we needed, was amazing! But the biggest takeaway from our session is the energy you created within this 2-dimensional medium. Those who know me well know I've been trying to get a headshot that captures my personality and spirit, as well as my look, for so long that I'd almost given up! But you took the time to talk with me, get to know me and find out what I needed from the shoot that you were able to bring out my essence, my personality, my whole vibe as well as make me look darn good! Ha! Ha!! The one thing that was always missing from my previous headshots was my inner energy, unique to me, and your shots really put that out there! I am sooooo grateful and so excited to start using these pictures and give people an insight into who I am before I even walk through the door! I am beyond happy, I am ecstatic with the results of our work together! Thanks again for a fantastic session!  I am so grateful for the experience - you're awesome!

-Dana D.

Clinton was extremely professional and highly skilled. Having never had a professional headshot done before, he was very approachable, understanding, and instructive, which made the entire experience stress free and ultimately resulted in more relaxed, natural shots. I couldn't be more satisfied and would, with strong conviction, recommend ClintonBPhotography to any friend or business seeking professional photography services.

-Ben M.

I was recommended to ClintonBPhotography by a casting director, and I’m so thankful for the recommendation. Clint was amazing from the get go; from our emails to working with him in person, Clint was easy to talk to and very open to collaboration for great headshots. He quickly scouted a few location to shoot based on my look, then we got work. Honestly, I have so many great shots to choose from. I’ll happily return to Clint in the future and confidently recommend him to everyone looking for headshots.
-Natasha F.

I am so happy with my headshots from Clint! They are exactly what I needed - he made sure to show me what they looked like on his camera throughout the shoot, so I would know what styles/expressions worked and what didn't. He was a blast to work with and I would recommend him to any actor that needs new headshots!
- Danielle M.

Thanks Clint, the shots look fantastic! #1 headshot dude in New York/DC. Thanks again man.
-Matthew N.

You did a phenomenal job. Thanks so much.
-Lisa S.

Clint - you are amazing.  Thank you so much for your spectacular work and for making the whole headshot experience so comfortable and lovely.
-Patsy M.

Thanks so much for a wonderful experience today! I was really impressed with your skills and your ability to put me at ease. I am THRILLED with the sneak peeks of my new headshot look. Job amazingly well done!! Thanks again for your professionalism and good nature. :) I know these new shots will help propel me to the next level!
-Sue S.

Clint, I swear to you I have been looking at these pictures every day, maybe even twice a day, and I've only narrowed it down to 47! You made my job so hard!!!! Holy cow you did such an amazing job. I'll definitely be posting my top 5 on FB so my friends can weigh in, since I'm completely unable to pick. Thank you again for making this such a difficult decision!
-Jenna B.

Hey Clinton! They are AMAZING!!!!! Everyone (especially my girlfriend Sadie) have been talking about them all week haha. Thanks again for everything. Everyone can't get over how awesome the headshots are. I'm so glad I found my photographer :)

-Matt Acquard

This was the hardest selection process I've ever had.  There are so many possibilities because you did such a great job. Thank you so much for this work. Photos look great and they are here in time for the new audition season.  Super.

-Kenn Derby

Hi Clinton!! I am so pleased and still giddy from our shoot last week. Thank you so much for everything! I took two of the shots to the NY casting directors/Agents that next day and you were right! They loved the curly look for New York! One agent said to use the straight look for my DC industrial work. You called it! I have a meeting with one of those agents for national commercials on February 4th already!

-Natalie Tucker

I hired Clint (ClintonBPhotography) to do new headshots for all the firm’s attorneys and senior administration to feature prominently on the firm’s new website, and to be used on LinkedIn and other profile sites. We wanted a fresh, modern look that would capture their personalities and individuality. He was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to make our lawyers feel at ease and as such, able to project their best selves. We subsequently hired him to photograph environmental and group shots which have become key brand images for collateral, advertising and promotional materials. He is talented, easy going, and conscientious — I recommend him wholeheartedly.

-Ann Heatherington, Director of Marketing, Pryor Cashman, LLP

It is extremely difficult to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and many dread having their headshots taken. But when working with Clint, it’s a completely different experience. In addition to taking phenomenal pictures, Clint has a very unique and amazing talent for helping his subjects feel at ease and relaxed. As a result, the photos are amazing and truly capture your best self. He is a true gem in a market littered with fakes. Clint is professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. He keeps projects on time and on budget, and I highly recommend him.

-Kathy O’Brien, Senior Vice President, Jaffe PR

Hi Clinton! Just wanted to let you know I auditioned for 5 principal roles for house of cards and they LOVED my headshot! I also add a small version on the back with my resume that shows me smiling. I know I get auditions that I wouldn’t normally get because of my headshots! I’m always asked who does my headshots!

-Erin R.

I highly recommend ClintonBPhotography. Clinton is my go-to for business photos, particularly head shots. He is flexible on scheduling, and has an ease with personalities of all types. He brings his own lighting and equipment, sets up/breaks down quickly, and has hair and makeup assistance upon demand. Very professional and timely, and open to editing suggestions, subject neurosis, and client needs.

-Melissa Schwartz, VP of Strategy and External Affairs, The Bromwich Group

I’ve known and worked with Clint for many years, and have hired him to do our production photos at Catholic University whenever he was available. His work is strong, capturing the emotion as well as archiving the look of each piece. He brings his skills as an actor to bear, and his extensive background in performance helps his focus and attention to details in the shots. I’ve also recommended him for head shots for many colleagues. He tries to find the best way to convey their individuality and personality. As a costume designer I trust he will give me portfolio worthy work and he has always been very accommodating when asked for a particular moment or look. I highly recommend him.

-Gail Beach, Associate Chair, Drama Department at The Catholic University of America

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed last week’s photoshoot. You did a fabulous job and the photos are stunning. Jjana’s makeup is gorgeous…I’m really happy and extremely grateful for your fantastic work, Clint!


Thank you so much for a great session yesterday – so many fantastic shots! I’m so thrilled!

-Teresa C.

The entire experience with you was so awesome, fun, and positive, and I would love to share it with others. Seriously, I could not have asked for a better experience. On top of that, my friends and family LOVED all the pics and were generally blown away by your work/ability. Not to mention that I’m already getting auditions based on an unedited image – that says a lot about effectiveness of your shots! [:)]

-Sara C.

First sides I’ve been given since using new head shot were for exactly the kind of on-camera role for which I was aiming, with these headshots:
“Anderson Cole, 50’s, old and new money, one of the Forbes 500, a man whose power, along with a ruthlessness, intelligence and charm, has resulted in….”
That’s exactly the kind of thing I need to be going for on camera. I came to you wanting to sell something specific, a bit different than I’ve tried to sell before, and you nailed it. 

-David M.

“These are fantastic, Clint. I am so glad we were able to make this work with your schedule and I hope it is the beginning of a continued relationship. What a fabulous opportunity this was for our students. They had such a wonderful time with you.”

-Brandon Prendergast | University of Mary Washington

“I just wanted to say thank you again for this weekend. Everyone was so happy with how the sessions went! Maggie is sitting next to me right now flipping through all her shots– they’re beautiful! I really can’t thank you enough for making it such a fun weekend.”

– Miranda W. | Virginia Commonwealth University

“Just wanted to say thanks again for coming to UMD to do headshots for all of us. I’m so happy with mine.”

– Ariel M. | University of Maryland

We’ve finally gotten around to making some decisions, and we’ve agreed that you are a genius! I think you are really, really good at what you do.  Both of us are happy.

-Sandra and John B.

These look great — not sure how you make that happen, but you’re good at it!

-Laura C.

Oh Clint, these are just SOOO good!! We had the best time looking through what you have so far. We can’t get over how well you captured everything! We can’t thank you enough! Had to share: one of our friends deleted an email we sent her with our alley photo in the body of the email because she thought it was a wedding magazine ad! We’ve gotten so many compliments on those pictures (once people realized it wasn’t a magazine ad!)

-Greta T

This is Yael writing to thank you so much for an amazing set of shots that have been so essential to breaking into the business in the past few months. When first looking at different headshot photographers, what caught my eye about the pictures on your website was the intrigue and emotion captured in each one, and that is the comment I receive most when showing someone my own photo.  At every audition so far, whether booked or not, directors and casting agents alike never fail to ask who took my “jump-off-the-page headshot”!

-Yael H

Thank you for your great work…to get more than 30 positive comments and over 100 “Likes” on Facebook – well maybe that’s routine for some…but that’s new for me! Thanks to you!

-Peggy Y

These shots are so good I could slap your whippersnapper face! I am so stoked… Your artistic acuity is 20/20 and I could not be more thrilled with your work. Now I know I can walk into any audition anywhere and feel perfectly confident that I’ll be taken seriously even before I say a word. I am so grateful… Will be in touch. Thank you!
-Keith B

You’re brilliant. Thank you for everything. Thanks for letting me be picky and doing the best damn headshots I’ve ever had. Where will you be in 5 years? I’ll find you, no worries.
-Andy T

I moved up to NYC about 8 months ago, and I had to tell you that every audition that I have gone on since moving up here, the first thing out of the auditor’s mouth has been: “I LOVE your headshot. Who took this?!” Every time. Without fail. I know I told you after the shoot that I loved the photos, but I just wanted to reiterate to you and share the feedback that I’m getting from the industry.  I’m probably going to need to update them within the next 6 months or so … I will DEFINITELY be wanting to use you.  Thank you so much again!
-Matthew F

Thanks again for taking such good care of Brandon! He absolutely loves his headshots (and the parents do, too! HA!). Thanks again and best of luck in NYC. Keep us posted on your Broadway shows – we’d love to come see you on the stage.
-Missy S

So…..got signed! Guess she liked the whole package, which includes your headshots!!!!! Thanks! Your great translation of me wanting an ethnic look was part of what got me in there. My manager said that the agent was excited about how many different ethnicities I can play – Greek, Jewish, Italian, Middle Eastern, etc. Finally, someone thinks the same way I do. Let’s see what happens. Your work rocks!
-Martha K

Clint! i feel like i should be giving you a CUT! the company’s daughter/casting assistant welcomed me earlier today with “I LOVE your headshot… and you actually LOOK like your headshot… my dad let me help with casting – I think I did really well” at the NBC promo shoot this morning in Adams Morgan. I said, “it is ALL Clinton Brandhagen” – thanks again for the great shots. and hope you are WELL! so sorry we missed “Master Class.”
-Adrienne N.

Just wanted to say thank you for making the trip and helping us out at VCU. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to see you in the future. Best of luck!

-Justin A.

Just wanted to let you know that I visited Reproductions last week when I was in NYC to get things started on my headshot. I approved the final proof today. Your referral to them is well supported – its a first class operation. Clint – the shot of me is really wonderful – I’m not easy – and I can’t thank you enough for the shoot and your good advice on my final selection among the many possibles that you made. Grateful for your talent -Let’s act together someday!

You want Clinton Brandhagen to take your pics! He has an amazing eye, fun to work with and you will get “the” shot!
-John L

I just wanted to say how much of a pleasure it was working with you.  You put me at ease and I had an absolute blast shooting the headshots.  I am really excited and know there will be many great shots to pick from. Thank you so much. I'm in love with them.
-Celine D.

So I showed the photos around and after a bit of deliberation, I have picked a favorite! Beyond that I would like to thank you once again; the pictures are exceptional and it was very hard picking just one.  I also wanted to say thank you, too, for being so flexible with scheduling.  I can’t wait to get these printed and send them out!

Holy pictures, Batman!! Clint, these are gorgeous… Thank you so much… I’m SO happy!! [:)] [:)]   You’re a genius, truly. Thanks again for such a GREAT day!  You were such a great coach and made things so much easier and relaxed (since I know I can be kind of awk-sauce when my photo is taken haha).  Thanks again for putting up with me [:)]

Wow!  Just a quick note to say, again, thank you both for making this morning’s shoot a great experience and for making me beautiful.  I’ve just started looking at the shots, and I’m overwhelmed!  I really needed this, since I came home to bad news on the casting front.  At least I’ll have some good pics when I start pounding the pavement again.

Hey Clint, i just met with some agents in NYC and they all loved my headshot … and said it looked like who i am!!! Thanks u rock!!!

omg! Clint!  I’m thrilled!  My head is spinning from all of these.  Thanks so much for your work. So excited.
-Amy Q

Thanks so much – everyone loves them! I really enjoyed working with you, and these are easily the best headshots I’ve ever had. Something to be said for a photographer who makes it fun. Thanks again!
-Tonya B

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You rock!
-Greg A

It was great to meet you. You are such a talented photographer and it was such a pleasure working with you. I feel very pleased with the way the pictures turned out. Thanks for taking your time and doing such a thorough job. It will be good feeling to send photos out that I feel confident about! The best ever!!! You are the man Clint!!! …By the way, my brother and husband were in disbelief with how great they turned out. They thought you did a terrific job. They are your typical kind of guy, so their way of describing the photos was, “looks like it came straight out of a top magazine.” A nice compliment on your end to say the least.
-Elizabeth G

The pics are an unadulterated hit! You are so fantastic.
-Beth H

Thanks so much for making the session on Friday so great. You did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable enough to be myself in front of the camera, which as I am sure you know is crucial to catching a good shot! I think it’s fabulous!
-Elizabeth F

Just showed the pics to my in laws & they freaked out. They LOVE the pic, and have decided to use you when they get new headshots done (they’re also actors)…well done! Seriously…thanks for the rush job and the wonderful pictures. I actually feel pretty! [:)]
-McCall D

You’re doing such terrific work with my current students – THANK YOU!!!
-Catherine Weidner, Program Director | Academy for Classical Acting

Seriously, you have gone above and beyond. I am so glad you are getting numerous bookings b/c your work warrants it … and you’re a total sweetheart.
-Jen M

You are incredible, Clint. Thank you so much for spending so much time working on my shots! I love them. I brought the pictures to Reproductions today. They loved them, they especially loved what you did with the format… Thank you for making me look like I enjoy having my picture taken. This is by far the best set of pictures I have had. I was very relaxed with you, and I think that shows….really, thank you again.
-Lauren K

I could use so many of your shots. The one you mastered is … WOW. Thank you! … I can’t believe how many aspects of my personality you were able to capture… They are beautiful, Clint. I love how you play so much with lighting and color and angles and blurry backgrounds. Seriously, these are gorgeous!
-Tara G

I was telling Amy and my friends that I have been searching for a long time for shots I could be proud of and I finally have them, and I cannot thank you enough – from the number of changes to the rapport you established with me, to coming out here…everyone is saying how relaxed I look in the shots and you made much of that possible. Thank you.
-Joshua V

Holy hells, that’s fantastic. Absolutely love it, and thank you so bloody much.  I’ll send info on another I’d like to touch up soon!

Thanks so much for rushing this through. I will go through the pictures with [my daughter] Olivia and get back to you. You are an amazing photographer and I am so pleased that Olivia had the opportunity to work with you!

I really appreciated your patience and professionalism. Clint, thanks for a terrific job getting me to relax and enjoy the whole process…you took great pictures [:-)]
-Grace B

The shots are absolutely terrific–the only problem now–choosing one.

There were so many incredible pictures that it has taken forever to pick. Thank you so much. They were all great!
-Vicky M

Thanks very much for fine work, as always.
-Will S

Thanks for your advice, I was so overwhelmed by how many pictures I liked (which usually never happens). Hopefully I see you again someday. Most likely when I need new headshots. =)

I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I had a great time and I can’t wait to see the shots. You were immensely helpful and a lot of fun to work with.

Her agent loves it! Thank you so much!
-Karla P

Thank you so much, they look awesome! …it’s going to be hard to choose!

Clint! Such marvelous work, I’ve had a hell of a time trying to pick.  For the time being I’m going to go with [x] for my commercial, smiley shot.  I also love, love [x].  I am so thrilled with the selection, I have such a wide variety of looks to work with–THANK YOU.
I really appreciate the care you took with the shoot and for all the helpful followup.  You absolutely rock and I am at work singing your praises.

Love both to the max. Kinda digging the cropped version the mostest. Clint, thank you so much. I am so happy with these shots, and you have gone above & beyond with all the retouching!!!!!! Now I just need to get hundreds of copies of them! And then jobs from them! You’re the best!

Thanks so much!  Beautiful job!  I am so happy and confident with this headshot and can’t wait to use it in upcoming auditions!
-Farah L.

Fantastic!  Great day!  Very excited to go through all the shots.  Thanks for the great conversation and your artistry….

Clinton, I have 11 images that I will be using now due to our awesome session.

I love it. Thank you! I feel so much better about the audition on Monday, now.
-Julia W

Excellent! Terrific work Clint.

First off, thank you, I had a wonderful experience yesterday. You really did a great job making me feel comfortable, choosing the best clothing, make-up, setting, lighting, positions, etc. etc. – I’m sure the shots will be awesome!

I saw the shots online, they look really great. Thanks a lot man, I’m really excited to get some prints and get out there.