The Hooters 33 1/3 | The Electric Factory | Philadelphia

In April of 2013, my dear friend John Lilley invited me and Ann to see his band, The Hooters, play at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, their home town. Although we'd been friends for a while, I had only seen the band in videos. You know the song "And We Danced" and "All You Zombies"? That's them.

So, it was my first time ever having an all access pass. They were cool with me going everywhere to document this sold out show. The pit, backstage, the balcony, and even onstage a few times. These guys have been playing together for over 35 years, and I gotta tell you, they are AMAZING live! The music was tight, the energy was electric, the crowd was screaming, and these boys played hard. I really hope I get to do it again with them. Maybe I'll try to catch one of their shows in Europe! Ha! Here are some of my favorites from the night. And yeah, I know, I featured John a lot on guitar. He's my bud.

Click on the images to make them big. Enjoy!