Spaceman | Loading Dock Theatre


written and directed by Leegrid Stevens

The depths of mankind’s last unknown frontiers – outer space and a grieving heart – are explored in this brave and funny new play about a woman’s solo journey to Mars.

“We’re all humans and the idea of sending one of our kind on a trip like that would be a wonderful adventure for the entire world. the whole world would get behind it.” – James McLane, Former NASA engineer discussing a one-way, solo trip to Mars

In 2010, a bill was signed in the United States authorizing manned missions to the planet Mars by 2030s.  But, the reality of such a trip comes with a catch – such a flight would take over eight months, would be performed solo and would offer no return trip.

In SPACEMAN, the difficulties of interplanetary space travel are brought to life in exacting detail.  Radiation exposure, long term weightlessness, low light, extensive communication delays and poor hygiene are just a few of the challenges astronaut Molly Jennis must face as the first to Mars.  But she soon finds nothing compares to the psychological effects of having so much time alone.  Time spent mulling over the decisions she has made and what might be waiting for her when she finally reaches her destination.

Featuring Erin Treadway and Shawn Davis and the vocal talents of Lynne McCollough, Eric Slater, Andres Munar, Eric Slater, Jeff Auer, Regan Adair, Yoshi Amao, Saori Goda, Regan Glover, Kaison Louie, Mika Louie, Leila Anthony, and Amira Anthony

costume design by Rabiah Troncelitti
scene design by Carolyn Mraz
light design by Driscol Otto
assisted by Simon Cleveland
sound design by Leegrid Stevens
produced by Ryan Pointer, B.J. Evans, and Regan Glover

Production Photos: ClintonBPhotography